Water & Power Five-Year Commitment

Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment

Maco Construction as a licensed builder approved by BC Housing, strictly abides by the after-sales service specifications of commercial and civil buildings in the province. We are committed to two-year warranty on construction materials, five-year warranty on exterior walls and waterproofing, and ten-year warranty on the main structure. And, based on the special advantages of Maco Construction in utilities, we have a special commitment to the project’s plumbing and electricity segments that exceeds the industry’s general rules. ——“Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment”!



2-5-10 Year Warranty
2-5-10 Year Warranty is the core clause of the BC Homeowner Protection Regulations. It refers to the maintenance guarantee content that the builder should undertake after the purchase of the house or house from the beginning of construction to the completion of the house, and is measured by the number of years (ie 2 years, 5 years, 10 years). Specifically:

  • 2 years: house decoration materials, manual parts and electrical warranty
  • 5 years: defects in building envelope and retaining structure
  • 10 years: building structure
Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment
What is plumbing?
Water supply and drainage functions are one of the core components of the most basic human requirements for housing. The relationship between water and human beings is like the relationship between life and the sun. 70% of our body’s weight is contributed by water. In this sense, it is by no means a rumor that human beings do water. The average water intake per day for an average adult is 2,500 milliliters. People can have no food for three days, but not for one day. Water gives birth to life, water constitutes life, and water is life. Therefore, it is especially important to build a house and get a house. From the access of the municipal water supply pipeline, to the structure and layout of the hot and cold water system inside and outside the house, to the discharge project of sewage discharge, each link is closely related to the comfort and happiness of your family and your family. Carrying a boat and overturning a boat, it’s a big thing, you must never take it lightly.
What is Electricity?
Since 1745, Musschenbroek, a professor at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, used the water glass bottle to store the charge. The electricity has been smeared with a thick and colorful chapter in the history of human development for less than 300 years. The discovery and application of electricity is a tremendous advancement in human civilization, comparable to the use of fire and the birth of language. Electricity has penetrated into every aspect of modern life. Who can imagine what it would be like without electricity? At the beginning of building a house, electricity supply should be one of the core considerations. From home energy assessment to energy conservation and environmental protection, from power supply design to municipal approval to specific construction, your home’s power supply system is essential to ensure that your home is safe, convenient and comfortable. During the day, I don’t know the darkness of the night. We now take it for granted that everything is visible. All the devices are driven, but not long before, before the power was discovered and applied, our fear of darkness was still the most primitive. Instinct.
Why Maco Construction?
As early as the beginning of this century, Ivan Gu, the founder of Maco Construction, entered the utility construction industry in the Greater Vancouver area. Through work and study, combined with specific practical experience, Ivan has successively obtained qualifications such as Red Seal, Gas Fitter, and TECA Hydronic. In the past two decades, we have hundreds of utilities projects in the local area, including the famous Tim Hortons in the country, and the construction of Yue Restaurant in Richmond Food Street. The experience that Maco Construction has accumulated over the years from the design, construction, management and maintenance of different local utility projects is invaluable, and the most important thing is that we are always asking why in the process of accumulating experience. Always and creatively explore and summarize successful experiences and lessons learned from failure. The water system pre-embedded process pioneered by Ivan is the standard action in the future. The process not only optimizes the construction process, but also makes outstanding contributions to the customer in terms of product quality. It is unconventional in the ordinary, which is the specific portrayal of the rigorous and practical style of the company. Based on our unique understanding of the utilities and construction management experience, we have exceeded the requirements of the industry standards for the quality of the engineering we have handled. This is also the source of the technical basis and confidence of the special quality assurance of “Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment”. Maco Construction is “to build a natural, comfortable and environment-friendly life and workplace for customers.” as its mission; uphold the simple values ​​of “being honest, doing things seriously, cherishing possession, always grateful.” “Five-Year Plumbing & Ecectricity Commitment” is our solemn commitment to our customers. It is also the confidence of Maco Construction in its many years of high-quality utility design and construction experience, and it is also an incentive and spur to the company and all employees. “Speak truly and do truly”, we say it, we mean it!
The special quality assurance plan for the “Five-Year Plumbing & Ecectricity Commitment” launched by Maco Construction is not just about slogans or ideas, but more importantly, it’s based on the real bricks and walls of Maco Construction. Specific actions of electricity. Choose Maco Construction and choose quality and security.

Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment