Vancouver House Renovation Guide Book

It is default that human beings pursuit of beauty. Let us briefly analyze the philosophical metaphor of “Create, Eden, snake and wisdom tree.” We have opened up topics that are easily controversial, such as human origins and religious beliefs. If we only read the Genesis in the Hebrew Bible as a legend and a fairy tale, then since Eve listened to the snake’s words, she ate the fruit with Adam. After that, a moral, shameful, beautiful and ugly judgment on everything has been embedded in us. Human beings have evolved into such a complex social structure because of this difference from other things. We have our own value judgments, and of course no exception for our dwellings. Ever since, the renovation has been inextricably linked with us, from ancient times to the present, with no exception.

So what is the renovation? Renovation is actually a process of “being beautiful”. People have a strong desire for beautiful things, and we always try our best to make things and environments around us more “good-looking”. This is not wrong. What is the house like, what life will be like, this is probably why we want to decorate a home, we are all looking forward to making our house beautiful.

Undoubtedly, house renovation is not only directly related to the quality of our lives, but also has a direct effect on improving the value of the property and reducing energy costs, but renovation is not always an easy task. The following is a special “Vancouver House Renovation Complete Handbook” that we have compiled for your reference in the local renovation project.

Your house is more than just a living space, it can also be a useful long-term investment. Renovation provides an excellent opportunity to implement changes that will undoubtedly increase the value of your property and improve the comfort of your everyday life if it is appropriate. Yes, whether you are decorating a room or redesigning the entire structure, home improvement seems to be a daunting task, which is why we are here to collect the most important information you need for your renovation. To ensure the smooth and successful progress of your home renovation process.

Renovation must be a wise investment

The value of your property depends on several factors, including the reference price for your property category, the location and the overall condition of the property.

Although a through renovation can generally increase the value of a home to a large extent, if you want to resell your property, renovation is not the best option, because you can’t know if the buyer’s aesthetic interest is consistent with you. Or whether the overall housing market has changed when you are ready to take the shot. We believe that the fundamental reason for the renovation is based on the changes you make to your living environment, focusing on maintaining your property and its own style far better than unnecessary extravagance and waste caused by the follow-up.

Plan your renovation and budget

Renovation to give children a dedicated playroom, or upgrading the old house to improve its energy efficiency, whether or not it involves the basement section, the refurbishment decision at first seems always simple. But the truth is, doing detailed planning work in advance and determining the list of things is the key to the success of the project.

Based on our many years of industry experience, Maco Construction is recommended to divide your renovation plan into three categories according to its nature:

  • Urgent: This includes repairs that are critical to health and safety (such as replacing faulty wiring or repairing leaky roofs);
  • Optional: This type of decoration that enhances the aesthetics and comfort of your home (such as electrical energy upgrades or retrofits);
  • Wish list: for example, an ornamental fish pond or fitness room in the backyard;

After the renovation projects are listed separately in the above categories, the next step is how much content your budget can cover. The projects in the first category are of course the top priority, and then honestly face their own budget and decide which projects are affordable and which can be waited.

Then you’d better set up a contingency fund account. If the project encounters a problem that leads to an over budget, you must not expect a dilettante project due to the funding problems.

Seek professional assistance

Whether it’s a plumber, an interior designer or a general contractor, when you decide to hire a professional to undertake a project, it’s the right thing to deal with providing a customer recommendation, and be sure to review the company’s business to ensure that you are working with one. Deal with healthy entities.

Learn from their previous clients about their experiences and their overall satisfaction with the company or individual. Find out when the company is operating, who the customers are, and whether their past projects meet your own needs.

Assign renovation contractor

A qualified refurbishment and renovation contractor should have years of industry experience and a well-established network of supply and subcontractors. They should be able to provide professional advice on local laws, regulations, cost estimates and timing. And they should also advise you on technology and materials.


Whether your needs are a housing expansion, a retrofit or a comprehensive overhaul, architects can help you turn your needs into actionable solutions. Of course, the role of architects is not limited to this, they have a professional knowledge of building materials, construction techniques, and architectural planning and urban construction regulations.

Interior Designer

Interior designers will help you with professional advice and design on the overall style, spatial planning and lighting, and many other aspects.

Based on your needs and aesthetics, interior designers can help you plan a personalized design that fits your needs. It should be practically instructive to save time and money. You should contact different designers and introduce them to your specific renovation needs. By reaching out to different designers, you can finally identify people who are similar in style.

Maximum efficiency of decoration

It may be beyond your imagination that in a renovation project, the kitchen and bathroom are often the most laborious and budgetary. However, if the strategy is correct and should be handled properly, you will always get a good value for money in these two areas. Maco Construction’s years of experience in the construction industry gives you the following advice to make the most of your kitchen and bathroom renovation:


Old fixtures, improper layouts, and unreliable equipment are often the biggest complaints the owner has about the kitchen, but before the formal renovation, be sure to consider it. The professional advice of Maco Construction is: It is important to ensure that your new kitchen is suitable for your lifestyle based on your daily activities. and:

The choice of different equipment has an absolute impact on the overall pattern. For example, if you choose a small refrigerator, the space in your restaurant will definitely be more spacious;

Consider your current and future lifestyle. For example, do you have children? If so, you can consider installing a low counter so they can participate in the preparation of the meal. If you are keen on partying at the residence, then please consider the open space design so that guests who are gathering can communicate with each other more easily;

Also, don’t be bound by the traditional kitchen overview. The efficient kitchen includes well-furnished operating rooms including a food cleaning area, food storage area, dining table and hot cooking area.


Most owners are not aware that the bathroom is the most complicated part of the renovation project. Because bathroom construction requires the most professionals (plumbers, carpenters, electricians and cabinet makers, etc.) to work in tight spaces.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, Maco Construction recommends that professionals provide detailed planning for your new bathroom. We suggest:

  • Consider geothermal configuration in the bathroom. This is good for both space utilization and energy efficiency.
  • Consider configuring a floor waterproof system. The system prevents water from oozing during the shower and prevents mold.
  • Precise positioning of customer needs. For example, an infinite or limited drainage system is more suitable for guests? Is the faucet wall-mounted or countertop? What kind of lighting system do you need?
  • If the water supply and drainage pipe needs to be replaced, please consider this factor in your budget. And if it involves the bathroom upstairs, the low-rise ceiling is likely to need to be opened to complete the relevant operations.

Set up renovation budget

How much money is needed for renovation and refurbishment projects depends on a number of factors. Usually the total project budget is divided into two key categories:

  • Soft cost: mainly refers to the design and planning stage before construction.
    Soft costs include design and licensing fees (such as construction, surveys, interior design, engineering, construction management), which typically range from 25% to 30% of the project budget.
  • Hard cost: mainly occurs during the construction phase
    This includes labor and material costs, which typically range from 70% to 75% of the project budget.

How to make the project cost

In terms of renovation and decoration itself, the cost per unit area of apartments and detached houses is not much different, but due to the difference in foundation parts, it usually takes longer to renovate the apartment.

Bathroom and kitchen: The basic decoration starts at $400/square foot, plus other additional costs.

Other rooms: In addition to the kitchen and bathroom, other rooms can be budgeted at roughly $200/square foot. Of course, we need to consider some temporary or special items into the budget.

Proper leverage government subsidies and housing refurbishment tax rebate policy

Renovation fees can go to a high level, but the province’s owners can apply for provincial and federal government subsidies and refunds. Below we list some relevant government funding plans for your reference:

Provincial Solar Rebates (Solar BC Rebates)
Homeowners who install solar water heating systems can get a discount of 2,000 knives plus an additional discount for installing a water-saving toilet.

Smart Smart Incentives and Rebates
BC Hydro’s plans include discounts on lamps, windows and home electronics.

Natural Gas Conversion Program (Switch ’n’ Shrink )
This award provides homeowners with a discount of 1,000 knives for converting EnergyStar® natural gas systems. Other discounts and rewards can be used to install EnerChoice fireplaces, tanks and stove upgrades.

Financial Assistance
The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) provides financial assistance to low-income homeowners, people with disabilities, homeowners in rural areas, and elders seeking housing assistance.