Project Management

Construction project management falls under the management umbrella. In the construction industry, many aspects of the projects require project management of the owner, designer, constructor, and/or supplier. However, since the owner is the ultimate integrator and the general organizer of the construction process of the project, the project management of the owner is a core component of project management.

For the developer, the construction management model can be divided into three types: independent project management, fully commissioned project management, and partially commissioned project management. Usually, the developer adopts the latter two models. The relationship between commissioned engineering consulting and commissioned project management can be understood as follows: engineering project management is a part of engineering consulting; its scope of services does not include designing, but does include project management of the design process.

Project management can include the designing process and even pre-project planning. A complete project management plan should include a project proposal, a feasibility study, a bidding agency, project supervision, cost analysis, project planning, and project management of the design process.

Project management and general contracting are two completely different concepts. The former is a form of engineering consulting, and the latter is a contracting model. There are fundamental differences between the nature, content, objective, risk, and terms of the two concepts.

Maco Construction has many years of experience in management and construction in the local construction industry, and has a deep understanding of the local industrial and civil construction markets. Our expertise allows us to not only assume roles as constructors, but also provide professional management and consulting services to customers in regards to project management and construction projects.

Why we do it better?

With years of experience in the industry, we have a thorough understanding of the needs of our customers.

  • With almost twenty years of industry experience, our professionalism is your guarantee
  • Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment – an additional 5-year warranty for our customers projects’ water and power systems
  • Standardized engineering management; details reveal quality
  • Cost-effective centralized purchasing (that saves your money)
  • Abiding by design and construction specifications
  • Committing to the budget and schedule
  • Focusing on customer satisfaction

We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

3 REASONS why people in Great Vancouver Area hire Maco Construction

Maco Construction is honored to have established close connections with renowned local architects, designers and industry experts. As our client, you will enjoy unparalleled expertise and commitment to integrity, transparency and values.

There is only one way to ensure the quality of the construction – to finalize every detail before signing the contract. At Maco Construction, you’ll have all the possibilities to make sure you know the whole project before it begins.

Quality control runs through the entire process of our project consulting, design, production & services. As a valuable customer of us, you have the right to check the project progress anytime. Therefore, you’ve got the full control of your project.