Laneway House

Laneway houses are secondary housings that are usually constructed next to the back alley behind the owner’s primary house. For families who need extra space for grandparents, older children, or guests, a laneway houses is the perfect solution. The owners can also generate extra income through renting out their laneway house.

Laneway houses are usually between 700 and 1000 square feet; the specific size determined to be appropriate depends on the size of your land, the design of the primary house, and the area it occupies.

Currently, the specific requirements for developing laneway houses in the Greater Vancouver area are slightly different due to the different land sizes and parking specifications in each city. However, the main development conditions are similar. They include:
– The land must be at least 7 to 15 meters wide;
– The property must have a rear lane, have access through the side streets, or has a widebody car and is connected to the private driveway on the front streets;
– The property must provide a parking space that can park 1-2 vehicles;

The laneway house provides a creative solution to the housing affordability issue in the Greater Vancouver Area and is considered a housing construction project encouraged by the local government. With an increasingly mature and perfected local laneway house policy, more and more single house owners are putting their attention on this valuable and prospective investment.

The laneway house was introduced by the former Mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan, to ease the housing needs of the city’s high-density neighborhoods while maintaining a single-family neighborhood. Since the installments of the first laneway houses, they have been extremely popular. Nearly half (45%) of the single house owners in Vancouver are renovating the laneway house. With the introduction of new regulations, the number of laneway house is expected to increase even more.

According to current laws, laneway houses are allowed to have an attic in addition to a single floor. However, if the owner wants to build an attic, his or her application must obtain a second approval from the urban planning department, which undoubtedly lengthens the approval time. New rules have given the approval authority of the attic to the first round staff, which reduces the second-round approval process, which will drastically reduce the second round approval time of building the laneway house and reduce the processing time by up to 65%.

In addition, new regulations have also relaxed restrictions on the height of laneway houses, raising the height limit of the back lane roof to 5.2 meters, and the height limit of the roof of laneway houses with attics to 6.7 meters. The new regulations also increase the lower limit of the room area of the laneway house, and states that the living room must be at least 16.7 square meters, and the master bedroom must be at least 8.5 square meters.

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