A stand-alone house (also called a single-detached dwelling) is a free-standing residential building. Single House is the most traditional type of housing in Western society, with a rich history and cultural heritage. Due to its excellent privacy, value preservation and value-added traits, it has always been highly sought after.
Commercials include retail stores, shopping malls, industry trading venues and commercial office buildings,  and other categories. Maco Construction has nearly 20 years of experience in water, electricity, gas, air conditioning, etc. The company also has the qualification for commercial construction.
A townhouse in Canada, is typically called a semi-detached home and in some areas of western Canada, a half-duplex. Townhouse has a public event space, but the owner doesn’t need to pay much attention. It’s welcomed by the elder and small families with children, which is a very popular category in modern cities.
In the construction industry, project participants need project management, such as project management by the owner, project management of the designer, project management of the constructor, and project management of the supplier. The project management of the owner is the core of project management.
Low-rise apartment buildings cover a wide range of areas, an enclosed structure below 35 metres. Due to the relatively economical construction costs, modern cities have strong demand for such housing. Most low-rise apartment buildings are built by local medium and small contractors and use relatively small large machines.
Renovation includes repainting, reinstalling cabinets, installing new fixtures, or adding other finishes and fixtures for the average family. Renovation generally means updating and beautifying the exterior and interior of the building, rather than making major changes to the existing structure. It’s something in a man’s whole life.