Nine Value-Added of Single House Renovation

The renovation of the single house will undoubtedly bring value to your property, both in design and functionality. However, in terms of real value, not all renovations offer the same level of return for your investment. Experience tells us that some renovation projects naturally contribute to a higher return on investment.

1. Siding – Depending on the age of your property, it is important to ensure that your side panels and insulation are in optimal condition. You don’t want to invest a lot of money in renovations, but leaking infiltration due to poor quality wall panels and insulation. In addition, the application of the modern concept of exterior materials can maintain the good appearance of your property, so that the sale will certainly attract more buyers.

2. Doors and windows upgrades – Similar to replacing exterior panels, replacing doors and windows will give your property a new look while increasing energy efficiency. Old doors and windows often run counter to the idea of energy conservation, so it becomes very valuable to transform them.

3. Roof – Roof is one of the most important elements of your detached house! In addition to accounting for up to 30% of the energy loss, bad conditions like rain can easily enter your house and cause roofs, trusses to deteriorate and moldy.

4. HVAC Improvements- It’s well worth improving and ensuring the proper operation of your home HVAC devices. In the long run, it avoids any humidity-related problems and also saves energy costs. Of course, if your choice is to change the internal layout of your home, you may need to reconfigure the HVAC facility.

5. Garage -Tired of the snow on the roof in winter? Or have to get into a steamer-like car in summer? If you have a garage, your daily work will become more enjoyable. In addition, you can provide dedicated space for your studio or other storage space.

6. Coach House – The most common way to add a room is to add one above the garage. In many Canadian cities today, laneway houses are becoming a hot choice for single house value-added.

7. Basement -Is your basement fully functional? The basement provides additional living space for your family. Depending on your needs, you can also add a bathroom, laundry, etc. This is very well worth the investment for the renovation.

8. Kitchen and Bathroom -Your daily life will be improved by the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. For your kitchen, you can improve your workflow with the help of a kitchen designer, whether it’s the bathroom or the kitchen. At the same time, you can reconfigure your cabinets to better suit your needs.

9. Paint and flooring – Although seemingly insignificant, the paint will let prospective buyers know that you have properly maintained your property. Of course, if you’re planning to live on your own, a simple paint operation can also greatly change the look and feel of the room, as can the floor.

This is the opening of the Meco Building Renovation Series, which introduces nine value-added points of housing renovation. We’ll share our insights on the full-house renovation project in a follow-up article, combined with examples of the renovation of the whole house.