Maco Construction Latest Project – West Vancouver Private Swimming Pool Renovation

Private pools are always associated with a particular lifestyle. The “Bathing Party” in June 1928, which was portrayed in “Bright Young Things”, was held at the St. George’s Bath in London; Terry O’Neill’s photo taken in 1977 for the Oscar-winning was also The Beverly Hills hotel’s pool as the backdrop; even in Jonathan Glazer’s “The Sexy Beast,” the first act of the movie is a retired gangster played by Ray Winston at the pool. No matter how the venue and background change, one thing remains the same, that is, the swimming pool symbolizes luxury and leisure, and most importantly, it is the representative of “taste”.

For most people, the swimming pool is not just a symbol of wealth, it also symbolizes order and control. The water in the pool is useful and can soothe the soul.

As one of the most attractive cities on the west coast of North America, it is certainly a must for many homeowners in Vancouver to has a private pool at their own backyards. Just like a house, proper maintenance of the swimming pool is necessary to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, due to the special nature of the swimming pool and water, it is more special in terms of maintenance and renovation. As a local construction, decoration and maintenance service provider, Maco Construction has recently proudly undertaken the renovation of a private swimming pool for a luxury mansion in West Vancouver. We are willing to share some experiences in terms of swimming pool renovation and maintenance under the condition of protecting the privacy of the owners.

Brief Introduction

Water leaks, water seepage and cracking of the pool are the main reasons of the renovation. The project is located at the excellent area of the west side of West Vancouver. The work site of the private swimming pool is nearly 2000 square foot.

The project rendering 

The beauty of everything starts here:

Swimming pool renovation, maintenance tips:

  • Need to pay attention to the power system. Many pipes in the swimming pool lighting circuit are routed from the ground. If the swimming pool is demolished, you must pay attention to the circuit problem. When removing the power, you must turn off the line power and lock the power control box or prompt the “Do not open” warning.
  • Pay attention to the waterway problem. The water system is basically similar to the circuit. The current swimming pool drain pipe is basically laid through the ground. When the ground is refurbished and removed, it is important to protect the water system so as not to accidentally block it when it is removed, causing unnecessary trouble. Once the water pipe is accidentally damaged, it is necessary to refill the water pipe, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.
  • Swimming pool waterproofing problem. During the refurbishment of the swimming pool, the damaged place of the previous tile mosaic shall be repaired and cleaned. After completed, it shall be waterproof. The water test and acceptance work shall be carried out, and the selection of waterproof materials shall be ensured by quality.
  • Check the pump head cover seal regularly. If it is damaged, replaced in time.
  • Keep the motor clean and open.
  • Regularly collect floating objects on the water, and do not let the bottom of the pool have litter.
  • Always check and regularly clean the smudge basket. Do not hit the smudge basket when cleaning. If the sump basket is damaged, replaced in time.
  • Prevent the growth and reproduction of algae and fungi. Algae can multiply rapidly in water. First, it will consume carbon dioxide dissolved in water, causing the pH to rise rapidly. As the dead algae consumes oxygen in the water, the clear pool will become a stagnant water in one day.

Beautiful again