Laneway House Project

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Q&A on the construction of the laneway house in Great Vancouver Area

A laneway house is a form of housing that is gaining popularity on the west coast of Canada, especially in the Metro Vancouver area. These homes are typically built into pre-existing lots, usually in the backyard and opening onto the back lane.

Most laneway houses are small, though public concern has been raised in some communities due to the impact that larger forms of this type of housing have on privacy.

With the continuous improvement of the laneway house policy in the cities of BC and the Greater Vancouver, the advantages of the project with small investment, high return, short construction period and loose policies have become increasingly prominent.

Maco Construction has accumulated rich experience in the construction of the laneway house projects based on its thorough understanding of the policy and the industry’s first-class advantages. It also launched a “$188,000 Promotion” for the clients to build a package of laneway project solution.

Laneway house, a new idea with distinctive North West Coast features, was approved by the Vancouver City Council in 2008 to allow independent housing owners in the city to convert the garages behind the buildings into habitable rooms for rent. In August 2018, the mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, and the City Council approved the new Making Room Housing Program. What new developments and special features have been made in the construction of the laneway houses in Great Vancouver Area?

1. Take Vancouver as an example. Although the single houses in most areas are allowed to build the laneway house, some areas are still prohibited. For more details, please call the Vancouver Municipal Telephone: 604-873-7611 or Maco Construction at 604-285-2798;

2. There are certain requirements for the size of the independent house lot that can be built in the back yard. The distance between the independent house and the laneway house cannot be less than 4.9 meters (16 foot), and the minimum width of the  building lot should not be less than 9.8 meters (32 foot);

3. For the laneway house itself, if it is a single-layer flat roof, its maximum height cannot exceed 4.3 meters (14 foot), and the inclined top is 5.2 meters (17 foot). The maximum height of the double-deck laneway house is 6.7 m (22 foot), while the second floor area cannot exceed half of its overall floor space (or 60%);

4. Can the laneway house has a basement? The answer from Vancouver is: Yes;

5. What is the relationship between the laneway house and the “second suite”? The correct answer is: a house can have a “second suite” and a laneway house simultaneously;

The laneway house project is not particularly different from the general construction project in terms of fundraising. For those who need partial financing, it is especially important to prepare for a variety of financing options for your project. First check with your mortgage managers that they may have a plan specifically for the homeowner. In addition, there are many home equity and refinancing options to ensure your bank has up-to-date information about current projects. We are happy to work closely with you in this process.

For specific projects and related materials involved in the project, you should set an upper limit, even if it is very difficult, you must make some difficult choices. A first-rate general contractor works with you based on budget and rational design to ensure your priorities are met. So, you won’t have to be surprised by our creative solutions that will meet your needs, match your dreams, and stay within your budget.

The overall investment in the laneway house project, including government-related data, is around $300,000. Although Maco Construction has a cost advantage, even if it is based on the current proposed total budget of $300,000 in the market, the current interest rate (2.99%), and the monthly contribution is $1,260. And we know that the minimum starting price for a laneway house is no less than $1,500 (the rent in the laneway house in Great Vancouver area is between $1,600 and $2,800, And if you only make a loan of $150,000, the monthly mortgage is only $630.

That is to say, the owner of the independent house in the Greater Vancouver area, as long as your land is in line with the requirements of the construction of the laneway house, then you can handle your financing like a piece of cake.

Based on years of experience in building development in the laneway house project, Maco Construction has refined from pre-examination, design and construction, bill of materials configuration and centralized procurement, construction and schedule, and to quality control. Therefore, based on our experience and understanding of the real needs of our customers, we have launched a stunning solution for the “$188,000 laneway house project” plan. The core points are:

(1) The overall construction cost of the laneway house project is greatly reduced to about 220,000, and the core cost of the main body is controlled within $190,000;

(2) $188,000 including design, construction, main structure, plumbing, electricity, gas, exterior and kitchen and bathroom configuration;

(3) Other interior parts are separately disposed of by the customer according to their own preferences and budget.

(4) Revitalizing the stock assets (potential value of independent housing plots) and using financial solution to securely achieve asset appreciation purposes;

(5) Fast and agile construction. Usually our laneway house projects are completed within four to five months after getting BP, no more than half a year at the latest;

The laneway house project is divided into two parts: the main body and the interior. It is based on the interests of the customers. It fully considers the characteristics of the laneway house project, the government policy and the customer’s specific and different needs. The principle of optimization, efficiency optimization, time saving, and style customization will eventually deliver the quality laneway house project to customers.

Maco Construction is a professional licensed builder based in the Great Vancouver area. Over the years, we have accumulated a large number of single house and laneway house construction experience in the local area, and have a deep understanding of the local construction market, material market, as well as government regulations. We have a particular advantage in the construction of the laneway house project, as shown in:

(1) Thorough understanding of the government policies, this can make a comprehensive response plan that is most beneficial to customers;

(2) The construction of the laneway house involves a large number of professional knowledge and construction skills and experience related to plumbing, electricity, gas and security, and this is the special advantage of Maco Construction;

(3) Familiar with the government process for the construction projects of cities in the Great Vancouver area, which are timing, fees and government quality supervision of the customers, and can ensure that the client projects complete the prescribed actions within the specified time;

(4) Years of accumulated industry experience, in design, materials, construction and other aspects of the experience of the Maco Construction in the cost control has an outstanding advantage, we can save money for the customer on the premise of ensuring quality;

(5) The clients we have served for many years come from different regions and different living habits. We have accumulated a very mature communication and communication experience in terms of language, lifestyle, aesthetics, values, etc., and this is in line with our corporate values ​​that are good at listening to and willing to listen;

Laneway House Case 1

Financial Leverage Application

Basic info: located in the West End of Vancouver. The lot area is 8,000 sq foot, 4,100 sq foot for the main house and 660 sq ft for the laneway house.

Construction: the laneway house was designed and applied for approval in March 2014. It lasted 4 months for the BP; the project started in July of the same year. The time is 4 months, and finally the acceptance procedure is completed in December; the core project cost is $176,000, and the total cost is $213,000.

Financial arrangement: 80% loans, $895 for 25 years, $2,300 for monthly rental income, and $1,405 for monthly cash. After about three years to recover the investment, the difference between the rent and monthly contributions is the net profit of the investment. After 25 years, the backdoor is repaid, and its value is quite expensive. What other investments in the world have such low investment, high output, and low risk?

Vancouver's West End Laneway House - from backyard

Vancouver's West End Laneway House - from laneway

Vancouver's West End - independent electricity

Vancouver's West End - independent gas

Vancouver's West End - kitchen

Vancouver's West End - bedroom

Laneway House Case 2

The Latest Laneway House in Vancouver

Basic info: located in the West End of Vancouver. The lot is 8,200 sq ft, the main house is 4,200 sq ft, and the laneway house is 760 sq ft. The laneway house and the “second suite” were planned.

Construction: the design of the laneway house and the main house were approved in three months; the construction started in October 2018, estimated eight months to finish; the total budget of the project is 1 million Canadian dollars, and the budget for the laneway house is $200,000.

Financial arrangement: total lone is $800,000. 25 years for $3,700 monthly. Rental income around $4,400 ($2,400 for the laneway house, and $2,000 for the second suite), and a monthly cash contribution of $700. The rental income fully covers the mortgage and there is also positive cash flow.

Laneway House - Vancouver West

Laneway House - Vancouver West

Laneway House - Vancouver West

Laneway House - Vancouver West

Maco Construction Laneway House $188,000 Program Brief Process

Customer's needs


Fully understand the needs of customers, listen carefully to the voice of customers, and repeatedly confirm the real needs of customers and apply them in design, construction and quality control. Projects that do not adequately communicate with the customer’s explicit endorsement are definitely failed projects, so it doesn’t matter how long and how much effort this part takes.

Design & BP


Zero tolerance for carelessness, carelessness, and rudeness. From topographical exploration, vegetation disposal, space utilization to style aesthetics, we are all meticulous.


CAD 188,000

This fee includes materials, labor and our profits. We will list specific details of materials, labor costs and our profit.


CAD 10,000 (roughly)

Collected by the government and returned to you upon completion of the inspection and acceptance.

3 REASONS why people in Great Vancouver Area hire Maco Construction
Maco Construction is honored to have established close connections with renowned local architects, designers and industry experts. As our client, you will enjoy unparalleled expertise and commitment to integrity, transparency and values.
There is only one way to ensure the quality of the construction – to finalize every detail before signing the contract. At Maco Construction, you’ll have all the possibilities to make sure you know the whole project before it begins.
Quality control runs through the entire process of our project consulting, design, production & services. As a valuable customer of us, you have the right to check the project progress anytime. Therefore, you’ve got the full control of your project.

Laneway House Project

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