Project info

  • Client: Restaurant Chain
  • Budget: $500,000 +
  • Site Coverage: 3,000 square foot
  • Project Location: 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC


This project is a restaurant chain store decoration. Crystal Mall is located in the most central business district of Burnaby in the Greater Vancouver area and is the largest and most lively mall in the city. There are restaurants, fast food, food court, daily necessities, study abroad, immigration, tourism, etc., which are closely related to daily life. The radiation range is not limited to Burnaby itself, but also to Vancouver and Coquitlam.

Yunshang Rice Noodle House is a chain store with more than 10 outlets in Toronto, one in Richmond, and the Burnaby store in the Greater Vancouver area.

Pre-construction survey and preparation:

Project survey, communication, design;
BP application;
Refinement of the construction plan;

Construction Plan:

According to the owner’s request, design interior layout and decoration style of the store;
Detection and removal of hazardous materials;
The original decoration was demolished;
In-wall engineering;
Interior renovation;
Exterior and gardening;
Final Acceptance;