Project info

  • Client: Private owner
  • Budget: $118,000
  • Site Coverage: 2,100 square foot
  • Project Location: East Vancouver,BC Canada

Brief: This project involved a house renovation for the new owner. Prior to purchasing, our client hired a professional inspector to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the house, and fully understood that the house required a comprehensive interior renovation.

Pre-project survey and preparation:

  1. There was leaking in the bathroom and kitchen;
  2. The bathtub was blackening, and the floor tiles were broken;
  3. The walls were moldy;
  4. The kitchen cabinet was moldy, and the stove was worn out;
  5. Water was seeping out of the outer wall of the window;
  6. The ceiling was leaking;

Construction Plan:

  1. Communicated thoroughly with the owner and clarify their needs; redesigned the layout of the house according to the owner’s requests, and submitted the design to the municipal government for approval;
  2. Demolished all old gray boards, ceilings, decorations, bathroom facilities, kitchen equipment, floor tiles, wall tiles, carpets, fireplaces, etc.
  3. Adjusted some parts of the structure;
  4. Re-embedded and rewired the water and gas pipes;
  5. Setup insulation cotton and moisture-proof plastic sheeting;
  6. Repaired gray boards, repainted interiors, repainted ceiling and decoration;
  7. Re-floored; placed floor and wall tiles;
  8. Installed and adjusted sanitary equipment;
  9. Replaced LED lamps;
  10. Re-designated the function of each area; constructed a new gymnasium and a multifunctional entertainment room;
  11. Final inspection from the municipal government;
  12. Maintenance related post-construction service;


  1. Carefully understood the customer’s needs, and thoroughly surveyed the project site to familiarize ourselves with the location;
  2. Develop solutions from a professional perspective while listening to the client’s opinions;
  3. The operation process abided strictly to the planned design and construction details. In instances where changes were necessary, we communicated in detail and clarity with the clients to ensure that they understood the progress of the project and to establish mutual trust.