Project info

  • Client: Restaurant owner
  • Budget: 
  • Site Coverage: 6,000 square foot
  • Project Location: 110-8351 Alexandra Rd(Richmond,BC Canada)

Brief: Yue Restaurant is located on No 3 Road and Alexandra Road, Richmond’s food street. The former location of Lucky Tao Chinese Seafood Restaurant, it serves high-end Cantonese cuisine. This case is categorized as a renovation project for a large-scale Chinese restaurant. The preliminary projects were hydraulic and gas work such as draining the kitchens, washrooms, and bars, providing the water supply, and setting up the grease traps.

Pre-construction survey and preparation:

  1. Communicated in detail with the owners to understand the service needs of the restaurant; designed and drew out the new layout; submitted an application for permit;
  2. A slope caused a problem with the connection between the drain pipe and the municipal drainage;
  3. The original grease trap did not meet the restaurant’s demand, so a new design was required. This was made more difficult because the project was an indoor construction;
  4. There was not enough water, so we needed to upgrade the municipal water inlet pipe;
  5. We needed to work with Fortis BC to reconstruct the gas pipeline and measuring system.

Construction Plan (First Phase):

  1. Redesigned the layout of the restaurant according to the owner’s request and submitted it to the municipal government for approval;
  2. Removed all old water pipes, kitchen equipment, and garbage in the room;
  3. Excavated the interior and laid down grease traps;
  4. Re-embedded and rewired the water and gas pipes;
  5. Backfilled the interior; poured concrete;
  6. passed the municipal government’s rough inspection;
  7. Installed cleaning and kitchen equipment;
  8. Tested gas and pressure;
  9. Passed the municipal government’s final inspection;

Construction Plan (Second Phase):

  1. Excavated the land, upgraded the water inlet and connected it to the municipal inlet pipe;
  2. Upgraded and modified the gas system; added a new gas region;


  1. Thoroughly inquired the client’s needs and carefully surveyed the project site in detail;
  2. Provided advice and solutions from a professional point of view while listening to the  client’s input;
  3. Operation process abided strictly to the planned design and construction details. In instances where changes were necessary, we communicated in detail and clarity with the clients to ensure that they understand the progress of the project and to establish mutual trust.