Project info

  • Client: Private owner
  • Budget: $100,000 +
  • Site Coverage: 1,200 square foot
  • Project Location: 2188 SE Marine Dr. (Vancouver,BC Canada)

Brief: This is a townhouse renovation project. Due to the old age of the house, the original decoration is quite different from the actual needs of the owner, both in terms of style and practicality. Therefore, the owner is determined to come to a comprehensive and thorough renovation. Maco Construction and owners have conducted several rounds of discussions on the real needs of the owners before the construction. Under the premise of limited budget, the project has been successfully carried out and has been highly recognized by the customer.

Pre-construction survey and preparation:

Project survey, communication, design;
BP application
Refinement of the construction plan;

Construction Plan:

According to the owner’s request, design interior layout and decoration style of the house;
Detection and removal of hazardous materials;
The original decoration was demolished;
In-wall engineering;
Interior renovation;
Exterior and gardening;
Final Acceptance;