Project info

  • Client: Private owner
  • Budget: $250,000
  • Site Coverage: 5,500 square foot
  • Project Location: West Vancouver,BC Canada

Brief: This project is a single house renovation for the property owner. The house is located in the Oakridge area of Vancouver built in the 1990s. Both style and practicality during the decades, are about to the stage of thorough renovation.

Pre-project survey and preparation:

On-site inspection and communication, the customer core appeals are renovated in modern style (indoor and outdoor);
Review plans and relevant government documents;
Indoor decoration;
Skylight is moldy;
Roof aging;
The outdoor path is moldy;
Garage roof aging;
Refinement of the construction plan;
The project is expected to be completed within three months;

Construction Plan:

Fully communicate with the owner, clarify the real needs, and redesign the renovation plan according to the owner’s wishes;
Demolition of all old gray boards, ceilings, decoration, bathroom facilities, kitchen equipment, floor tiles, wall tiles, carpets, fireplaces, etc.
Remove the roof of the main house, the roof of the garage, and replace the new roof;
Plumbing and electrics re-buried and pulled;
Insulation and moisture-proof plastic cloth;
Gray board repair, repainting, re-spraying ceiling and decoration;
Re-flooring, floor tiles, wall tiles;
Sanitary installation and adjustment;
All doors and windows are replaced with modern and new styles;
Replace LED lamps;
Final Acceptance;
Maintenance warranty related after-sales service;


Carefully understood the customer’s needs, and thoroughly surveyed the project site to familiarize ourselves with the location;
Develop solutions from a professional perspective while listening to the client’s opinions;
The operation process abided strictly to the planned design and construction details. In instances where changes were necessary, we communicated in detail and clarity with the clients to ensure that they understood the progress of the project and to establish mutual trust.