Project info

  • Client: Clinic owner
  • Budget: $109,800
  • Site Coverage: 900 square foot
  • Project Location: Lansdowne Centre(Richmond,BC Canada)

Brief: This project is a renovation project for a commercial centre store. This store was formerly a jewelry shop, but the new owner, who works in the healthcare industry, wanted to set up a hearing test clinic. Since the previous and new services of the store are in completely different industries, the store required different decorations and functions. After communicating thoroughly with the new owner and confirming the client’s needs, Maco Construction developed a detailed design and construction plan, and successfully completed this commercial project.

Pre-construction survey and preparation:

  1. Because of the mall’s regulations, the project could only be done at night;
  2. It was difficult to transport materials in the mall;
  3. The construction inside the mall required additional shielding and protection to prevent dust and to protect the ground;
  4. Replanning the fire protection system to satisfy relevant requirements;
  5. Communicating smoothly with the property management department was relatively easy for the renovation of large commercial center stores

Construction Plan:

  1. Following the owner’s request, redesigned the layout of the house, redrew the design, and submitted it to the municipal government for approval;
  2. Removed all old boards, ceilings, decorations, floor tiles, wall tiles, carpets, cabinets, etc.;
  3. Adjusted parts of the structure;
  4. Re-embedded and rewired hydroelectrics;
  5. Setup soundproof cotton and moisture-proof plastic sheet;
  6. Rewired and rearranged weak electricity equipment such as monitors, alarms, and surveillance cameras;
  7. Repaired gray board, repainted the interior, and re-sprayed the ceiling;
  8. Levelled the ground;
  9. Re-lay carpets and wall tiles;
  10. Installed new glass partition walls;
  11. Replaced LED lamps;
  12. Municipal government’s final inspection;


  1. Because the project was located in a commercial centre, the construction process was difficult. The owner’s major adjustments to the original design team also resulted in an extended construction period;
  2. The commercial centre itself needed protection and soundproof walls;
  3. The operation process abided strictly to the planned design and construction details. In instances where changes were necessary, we communicated in detail and clarity with the clients to ensure that they understood the progress of the project and to establish mutual trust.
  4. Thorough communication always guarantees the success of our project. Through our hard work, Maco Construction successfully completed the project and won the respect and appreciation of customers.