Project info

  • Client: Private owner (customizing single house)
  • Budget: About $800,000
  • Site Coverage: 7,200 square foot
  • Project Location: No.1 & Blundell(Richmond,BC Canada)

Brief: This project involved the demolition of the original house, followed by the construction of a new single house.

Pre-construction survey and preparation:

  1. The altitude of the land was relatively low;
  2. Relatively many trees need to be removed from the land;
  3. The swimming pool needed to be dismantled;

Construction Plan:

  1. Designed the landscape, interior layout, and decoration of the house according to the client’s requests; submitted the design to the municipal government for approval;
  2. Detected and removed hazardous materials;
  3. Demolished the original house;
  4. Land excavation;
  5. Laid the foundation;
  6. Framing;
  7. Construction of inner walls;
  8. Interior renovation;
  9. Renovation of exterior walls and garden;
  10. Municipal government’s final inspection;