Economic Benefit Analysis of Light Steel Structure

When we talk about the cost-effectiveness of construction projects, contractors and design professionals must focus on the overall system construction costs from the design phase to the operational phase, not just the raw material costs of both structured and unstructured systems. While it is not uncommon for some material industries and special interest groups to promote the affordability of specific building materials, there is growing concern that the overall impact of material selection is ignored or hidden. This is a costly outcome for all relevant stakeholders. In terms of the cost-effectiveness of thin-walled lightweight steel structures, the most important thing is to comprehensively identify a large number of proven cost advantages, and based on all direct and Indirect economic benefits are indicators, based on facts and science to show the world the superiority of cost-effectiveness.
Benefit to the owners of light steel
  • Compared with the traditional masonry and reinforced concrete structure, it can better meet the requirements of wide opening and flexible separation. The wall is thin, the effective use area is large, the pipeline is easy to pass through and is sealed inside the wall to avoid damage to the structure through the wall and hole;
  • Light steel systems provide high-strength, high-quality and durable safety structures;
  • Light steel wall adopts high-efficiency energy-saving system, which is much superior to traditional masonry in terms of heat preservation and heat insulation performance, and belongs to new energy-saving buildings;
  • Excellent earthquake resistance and wind resistance;
  • Good fire resistance, free from termite erosion;
  • The light steel wall is completely enclosed between the water-repellent layer and the gypsum board because it is completely rust-free, non-corrosive, mold-free and moisture-proof;
  • The possibility of foundation damage caused by self-weight is small.

Hawaii | Double Story Steel Villa

The light steel structure residential system has the following benefits for builders
  • Light steel structure is light in weight, low in foundation load, and poor in geological conditions Regions can greatly reduce the basic cost;
  • The construction period is short, which can greatly shorten the occupation period of investment funds and increase the funds. Investment benefit;
  • Light steel components and corresponding supporting technology can be factory-made and form a product ;
  • Quality is guaranteed to facilitate industrialization;
  • High degree of industrialization, clean work and site, less waste, and renewable materials Use, meet the requirements of environmentally friendly buildings;
  • Light steel wall is not deformed, not aging, less maintenance.


  Gansu | Light steel building

The latest development of Vancouver’s first light steel structure townhouse


 Vancouver | Chateau Laurel Light Steel City House/span>

IMG_3044.JPGVancouver | Chateau Laurel Maco Construction


Vancouver | Chateau Laurel the last Sand Drain


Vancouver | Chateau Laurel Steel structure construction



The construction of the Chateau Laurel light steel structure townhouse on the west 15th street of Vancouver, which has been involved by Maco Construction , has entered the construction stage of the light steel structure in full swing. In the near future, it will be strong and straight. The unique style of light steel townhouse will be presented to the world. Let us look forward to that brilliant moment together.