“My ethics are: 1. If the customer is not satisfied with something, I will completely dismantle and redo it. Of course, this is not referring to the entire project. Rather, as I finish each portion of the project, the client will review it, and I will resolve any concerns; 2. To have conscience and ethics; to never settle with products of inferior quality.”

Maco Construction Founder Ivan Gu

Our Story

Ivan Gu is the Founder and CEO of Maco Construction. Ivan immigrated to Canada from mainland China with his parents when he was a teenager. After graduating from high school, he pursued a career in architecture and construction. Through his work experience and studying, Ivan has acquired a number of professional certificates, including the Red Seal, Gas Fitter, and TECA Hydronic construction licenses. He is also a licensed Residential Builder. In 2013, Ivan founded a construction company. Through years of hard work, Ivan has established a professional property and engineering team, and his company has made a name for itself in the industry.

Maco Construction

Maco Construction is a professional building contractor in the Greater Vancouver Area, specializing in the construction of single houses (including laneway houses), townhouses, low-rise apartments and commercial projects. It also provides services in cooperation development projects and management consulting services.


We have a humble objective: customers benefit from choosing us, shareholders benefit from investing in us, and employees take pride in growing with the company. As we all work hard to pursue a life of fulfillment in Canada, we are eager to develop a mutualistic relationship with you.


To build natural, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly working and living environments for our clients.


To have conscience; to strive for excellence; to cherish our blessings; to always be thankful.

Environment Friendly

Environmentally-friendly buildings aim to provide a healthy and comfortable space for people to work and live, while maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. At Maco Construction, we believe that protecting our precious planet is an important component of our mission, and we are always striving to implement this through our actions.


Contact Us

#130-2188 No.5 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2T1

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 17:00pm

Ivan Gu

Ivan Gu

Founder & CEO

Registered Builder, Red Seal Plumber, TECA Hydronic Designer, and BC Safety Authority Gas Fitter. Over 20 years local construction experiences.

Tajwinder Singh Dhillon

Tajwinder Singh Dhillon

Site Manager

Bachelor at Punjab University, India; expertise in utility construction; specializes in plumbing, cost management, and on-site management.

Rebecca Liu

Rebecca Liu

Project Coordinator

Beijing City University; responsible for financial management, customer communication and project negotiations; expertise in financial audits.

Faizan Alam

Faizan Alam

Project Consultant

Raised in a family of architects; cross-cultural business background; expertise in customized residential and commercial development.

Kevin Sun

Kevin Sun

Project Manager

MBA at Xiamen University; over 10 years of experience in procurement; expertise in supplier management and material procurement.

Genghis Bai

Genghis Bai

Marketing Manager

MBA at Federation University Australia; over 20 years of corporate strategy, marketing, and project management experience. A scholar of philosophy, history and culture.