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Maco Construction is a professional building contractor in the Greater Vancouver Area, specializing in the construction of single houses, townhouses, low-rise apartments and commercial projects. Maco Construction – building natural, comfortable and environmentally-friendly working and living environments for you.

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A stand-alone house (also called a single-detached dwelling) is a free-standing residential building. Single House is the most traditional type of housing in Canada, with a rich history and culture. Because of its excellent privacy, high value, and projected growth, it has always been highly sought after by many people.
Townhouses, also known as semi-detached homes, refer to a row of houses resembling single houses but are connected to each other, with each unit sharing at least one wall with its neighboring unit. A townhouse usually has a common area that accessible to all but requires little effort to maintain. It is a popular type of housing in modern cities.
Commercials include retail stores, shopping malls, industry trading venues and commercial office buildings, various service industry buildings, including hotels (which include guest houses), restaurants (which include bars, clubs, etc.), cultural and entertainment facilities, clubhouses… all non-residential projects.

Who is behind the best construction services in town & FAQ

Ivan Gu is the Founder and CEO of Maco Construction. Ivan immigrated to Canada from mainland China with his parents when he was a teenager. Through his work experience and studying, Ivan has acquired a number of professional certificates, including the Red Seal, Gas Fitter, and TECA Hydronic construction licenses. He is also a licensed Builder. In 2013, Ivan founded a construction company. After years of hard work, Ivan has established a professional team, and his company has made a name for itself in the industry.

We deeply appreciate and respect the diverse cultures, living habits, and even locations that result in diverse expectations for living and working environments. We are eager to listen to our customers and reflect their unique requirements in our work. This characteristic is an extension of our values, and is established through the level of expertise we have accumulated over the years.

Customers are our most treasured resources, so we care greatly about your thoughts. If you have any dissatisfactions that you wish to communicate to us, we are on standby 24/7. Call (604) 285-2798 on weekdays, (778) 709-8433 on weekends and holidays, or send us an email. Again, we value your opinions, so please feel free to contact us any time. We will promptly resolve any complaints or requests. Thank you!

Maco Construction, as a construction licensee approved by BC Housing, strictly abides by the warranty specifications of commercial and residential laws. We are committed to a two-year warranty on building materials and constructions, a five-year warranty on exterior walls and waterproofing, and a ten-year warranty on main structures. Moreover, because of Maco Construction’s strength in water and power, we have a special commitment to those two segments that exceeds the industry’s general expectations – our “Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment” As compliance constructors, we will take full responsibility for your project so you do not have to deal with the numerous construction units. We know the pains of being pushed from one place to another – at Maco Construction, you will always our priority.

Laneway Housing is a long-term program initiated by the local government to address the growing residency demands, especially for megacities such as Vancouver and Toronto. With the increasingly mature and friendly laneway house policies, many homeowners have put their attention on this valuable and promising area. Maco Construction has dedicated a specialized team for serving this unique market. Please visit Laneway House for more details.

Our Guarantees

Listening, planning, amending, confirming, attitude, values, technics & technologies – we are your trustworthy construction specialists, and we treasure your opinions and create values for you!

How did the misunderstanding happen?

Listening Because Caring

Every customer is unique and we respect this specials. Only by carefully listening to the voice of the customer and repeatedly confirming the customer’s needs can we create a truly heart-warming product. Not good at listening, serious problems will happen constantly.

How the delay and sabotage being fixed?

General manager is the general labor

Maco Construction is the general manager of your project. We’re not only well-versed in all kinds of martial arts, but also a humble, responsible and responsible “good man”! We pay full responsibility for your project.

Customization is just an illusory slogan?

The details make the difference

Whether the shoes are suitable or not, only the feet know. From the first step into the courtyard, to the porch, to the hall, to the bathroom, to the garage…every detail, we have a through discussion with the owner and execute in the whole process.

Excuse hater?

24/7 Full Service

Wired phones, cell phones, text messages, emails, social media… We have a five-star reputation ID in both real and virtual worlds, and you can get in touch with us in minutes. We really value your voice and care about your feelings, please feel free to contact us!

How is the cloud services?

Technology giving wings to dreams

The construction of the 21st century is not only wood, steel, concrete, but also the spirit of environmental protection and the help of technology. We synchronize your project’s progress on daily basis on the cloud, wherever you are, you are in control!

Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment

Maco Production, Guaranteed Boutique

We have nearly 20 years of successful water & power construction experience, with the exception of the 2·5·10 industry warranty, we especially guarantee Five-Year Plumbing & Electricity Commitment to our clients.

What Our Clients Say?

3 REASONS why people in Great Vancouver Area hire Maco Construction

With years of experience in the industry, we have a thorough understanding of the needs of our customers. We have comprehensive and intimate protection of our customers’ interests in terms of reliability, certainty and control. When you choose Maco Construction, you choose quality, responsibility and peace of mind.

Maco Construction is honored to have established close connections with renowned local architects, designers and industry experts. As our client, you will enjoy unparalleled expertise and commitment to integrity, transparency and values.
There is only one way to ensure the quality of the construction - to finalize every detail before signing the contract. At Maco Construction, you’ll have all the possibilities to make sure you know the whole project before it begins.
Quality control runs through the entire process of our project consulting, design, production & services. As a valuable customer of us, you have the right to check the project progress anytime. Therefore, you’ve got the full control of your project.

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